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  • Universe launches AI-powered trang web builder for iOS platforms.
  • AutogenAI, a generative AI tool for writing bids and pitches, secures $22.3M.
  • Shopify Unveils Sidekick: A ChatGPT-Like Tool for E-commerce Merchants.

Universe Launches AI-Powered Designer vĩ đại Build Websites for iOS

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Universe, an Apple award winner, has launched an AI-powered trang web designer called GUS (Generative Universe Sites) in beta. GUS allows users vĩ đại build and launch custom websites directly from their iOS devices without coding skills.

Universal websites for humans 2021 táo Apple design award winner.

Users can begin conversing with GUS, such as design preferences, functionality, color scheme, number of pages required, etc., vĩ đại start designing and building the trang web instead of using a static trang web template.

GUS beta will expand from iOS vĩ đại the trang web, allowing non-iPhone users and desktop users access vĩ đại the Universe tiện ích.

According vĩ đại Crunchbase, Universe secured $47.3M in funding through various rounds. In December 2021, $30M was raised in Series B from investors lượt thích Google Ventures, Javelin Venture Partners, and Box Group. Previously, Universe obtained a $10M Series A from Google Ventures in April 2020.

AutogenAI, a Generative AI Tool for Writing Bids and Pitches, Secures $22.3m

AutogenAI has created a unique language engine that generates bids, tenders, and proposals quickly with the highest quality for businesses. This advanced technology is designed vĩ đại match your company’s voice, culture, and internal knowledge.

A Đen background with text that says write quality, compelling drafts, bids, proposals and tenders in minutes.

By leveraging this solution, organizations can enhance the bid writing processes, reduce reliance on external writers, increases return on investment (ROI), and saves valuable time. It has been developed by a team of experts in business development, machine learning, and UX design.

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Language technology engine improves bid success for businesses by reducing drafting time by 70%, cutting bid writing costs by 50%, and increasing ROI by 70%.

The company recently secured funding of $22.3 million from Blossom Capital. This investment will be utilized vĩ đại expand the platform’s capabilities and grow the customer base.

Shopify Unveils Sidekick: A ChatGPT-Like Tool for E-commerce Merchants

Shopify has introduced AI-powered features called “Shopify Magic” vĩ đại help merchants grow their businesses. It includes an AI commerce assistant called “Sidekick” that refines writing, handles repetitive tasks and provides tailored expert advice.

Shopify Magic offers various AI-powered features, including smart replies for live chat, personalized FAQs, nội dung generation, and tin nhắn optimization. The AI models are trained on a combination of Shopify’s data and OpenAI’s ChatGPT APIs, ensuring security and privacy.

The features are available for không lấy phí vĩ đại all Shopify merchants, and language tư vấn varies by feature. “Sidekick” will be available for early access vĩ đại select merchants.

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